Mother-friendly Employer Recognition Program

The South Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition (Coalition) promotes, protects and supports breastfeeding as the superior form of nutrition and nurture for infants and young children.

Breastfeeding is the gold standard of infant feeding due to multiple health benefits to mother and baby. This method of feeding is endorsed by many professional groups including The World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the USDA, and many others. South Carolina has encouraged breastfeeding and acknowledged it as a public right.

Breastfeeding support at the workplace can positively impact the bottom line by lowering healthcare costs, enhancing productivity, decreasing absenteeism, improving employee satisfaction, increasing retention and improving corporate image. The workforce is changing dramatically. More than 50% of adult women are in the workforce. Two-thirds of new employees will be women starting or returning to work. Seventy five percent of working women become pregnant during their working lives.

The Coalition is committed to helping employers become Mother-Friendly workplaces. We can support you through the process by providing you with: copies of The Business Case for Breastfeeding (a comprehensive toolkit for developing a workplace program), resources in your community, example programs and policies from other Mother-Friendly Employers, and in some cases – grant funding to facilitate the process.


Support — Employers will have a draft lactation support policy that is at least in the beginning stages of the adoption process. After 1 yr, the policy must be in place to maintain Mother-Friendly designation.

Time – Employees must have flexible break time to maintain lactation

Education – The lactation support policy and program should be communicated initially to all employees, and then continue to be communicated to pregnant employees. Employer provides a list of community resources for breastfeeding support.

Place – To support women who need to use a breast pump at work, employers should make reasonable efforts to provide a place for using the pump. The space must be clean, private, have adequate lighting, an electrical outlet, and not be a bathroom. It should have access nearby to a clean safe water source and a sink.


  • Website listing as Mother-Friendly Employer on:
    • South Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition website (
  • Framed Certificate indicating Mother-Friendly Employer designation
  • “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” Decal for display
  • Invitation to recognition ceremony at Coalition October Celebration
  • Multiple employer benefits

To apply for recognition as a Mother Friendly Employer please apply HERE.